Lakeview Bakery & Deli is an award winning establishment that has been serving Lethbridge and area over 50 years. 

We offer delicious bread, pastries and exceptional deli products.



commercial bakery

Interested in the products we offer? Send us an email and lets discuss how working together can benefit everyone.


retail bakery

Lakeview Bakery is an experienced, traditional brand that delivers superior products that you have come to know and trust. Our staff takes pride in operating with an unwavering philosophy of providing quality products..


retail deli

Our deli is second to none. We offer a variety of delicious and hearty lunch options including: soups, signature sandwiches, salads and hot lunch specials daily.

Fresh is what we do.


Our job is to acquire the freshest ingredients which are used daily to produce mouth watering bread that you can buy locally. We bake over 1,500 loafs of bread each day along with buns, bread sticks, bread bowls and many more. Come in to experience what buying fresh bread should be. 



We offer fresh Sandwiches, Pastries, Desserts, Meats, Platters and More


Lakeview Bakery & Deli specializes in creating the freshest meal options available in town. Our takeout sandwiches, platters, desserts, and pastries are offered daily through pre-ordering. Call in today to pre-order a platter or stop by to pick up any of our meal options.